Monday, January 10, 2011

bright and cheerful!

today is a rather bleak day, much like the day i bought this yarn to knit a pair of mindless socks.

kroy sailor socks

i'm a big fan of Kroy sock yarn. i like that i can find it in most craft stores, i can usually purchase it with a coupon if it's not already discounted, it's bit thicker than other fingering weight yarns, so i don't have to cast on as many stitches, and it's very hard wearing. and, it comes in this fabulous striping sequence called "sailor stripes"!

for mindless socks, i just do a 2x2 ribbing, stockinette sock with a heelflap, very a la nancy bush from _folk socks_. because the yarn is thicker, i knitted 56 stitches on a 2.75mm needle (magic loop).

and, because the yarn IS thicker, the yardage is shorter ... so i ended up using 84% of my yarn. the leftovers go into a ziplock with other sock leftovers. and i do have quite a bit of leftovers from kroy, as i've probably knitted 7 pairs of socks with kroy by now.

ps. if you notice the striping sequence is different, one sock was knitted with the yarn pulled from the outside, and the mate knitted with the yarn pulled from the center.

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