Saturday, January 01, 2011

happy new year!

i haven't even started thinking about my knitting resolutions for the new year. i'd like to say i could go a whole year without buying yarn. but, i cannot. i have enough yarn that i don't need to buy more, but, that's not the point.

instead, i'm doing pretty good at using my leftovers .....

a blender!

this sock is part of the december challenge of SKA on ravelry. there was an option to knit socks using the technique of the month, and the technique is to use leftovers (which, does not mean, use up little bits of fresh balls of yarn).

my leftovers include bits of regia, brown sheep wildfoote, opal, and the lionbrand sock yarn.


(and looking at the picture now, there are some yarns not pictured, as i made some changes along the way).

but, you get the idea. i finished the first sock last night, and cast on the second. for the second, i'm going to do something different. instead of using the blender pattern, i'm going for the stashbuster spirals 'technique'. i want to see what happens with the colors as they layer in a spiral. it's fun. and, i get to use up leftovers (which i have a ton of). and, putting these yarns together is the closest transition i'll get w/o making my own handspun.


Walden said...

I love it! Cannot wait to to see how the second one turns out!

Rainy Daisy said...

ooo! gorgeous!

Nik said...

What beautiful colors! You know, I'd want to wear these sock with a skirt short enough for people to see the colors