Sunday, January 23, 2011

and, to make up for being a slacker .....

weekend knitting

after i finished my wintermint biscotti socks, i cast on these. i loved my other kroy socks so much, and i wasn't ready to cast on anything that took more effort than basic stockinette socks (with only 1 yarn!).

i found this kroy jacquard at the local michael's craft store. it was on sale, which makes inexpensive even sweeter.

again, like my other kroy socks, it's basic ... 56 stitches on size 2 needles. i'm on the foot of sock #2.

fern rose jacquard

again, i'm loving the stripes and bright colors. this colorway is called "fern rose jacquard". the funny thing being, there's only a blip of jacquard every 3.5" or so.

again, they are very satisfying to knit. i love inexpensive yarns that are also hard wearing. these are the kinds of socks i reach for over and over again, from the drawers.

yesterday, i worked some overtime ... and was out in the vicinity of a lys i don't often get to visit (well, it's about a 40+ minute drive away from home, the lys).
but, because i had to work on my day off (overtime, time plus time & 1/2 !!!), i felt a bit "rich" and decided to treat myself to some yarn i totally did not need.

purple martin

i got a hank of this beautiful Unplanned Peacock Studio sock yarn. i was trying to link it on ravelry to my stash, but could not find the correct yarn. i emailed the dyer, and she responded swiftly stating that i do indeed have the 'peacock sock' yarn, but my hank is the old put up, and does have 500 yards (as opposed to the current 462 yards). so, yay! "bonus" as she puts it =)

anyways, the colorway is called 'purple martin', but of course, i messed that up, and told her i had purple martian. yes. MARTIAN. hmmm ....

also in the photo is my new sock knitting bag, in PINK. i thought i had one already. i could swear i had one. and i can also say it's been missing. though, that can't be if i never had one.

i checked my flickr pages with tags such as bag, bags, knowknits, noknits, pouch, etc. no hits with the color pink.

so, now i have one in pink. and, i also bought (not pictured) some kollage yarns square dpns. i just want to try them out. and again, i felt "rich".


Rainy Daisy said...

ooooo...square dpns! You lucky lady, you! ;)

Anonymous said...

'Purdy' surrounded in pink!

Christine said...

I have to knit a pair of colorful socks for a teenager.. Kroy may be the way to go so I don't have to give her care instructions? And it looks very colorful!