Friday, April 04, 2014

a bit of sewing

for weeks now, i've wanted to try out any of the online sewing tutorials i've bookmarked for various project bags. most of the tutorials i've bookmarked have been for some type of drawstring bag.

but there was one i bookmarked for a zippered notions bag … or for their version, a zipped pencil case.

my little bag is done. at first, i thought it looked shabby. but, the more i look at it, the more i like it.


first of all … a disclaimer --- most of these photos have been altered with a photo filter. that said, the colors are not accurate. BUT, i really love seeing how this print changes with the alterations.


(picture of the other side of my zipped bag) … with a different photo filter.


… and the inside view!

the colors are all "off" … but it doesn't matter. it's a beautiful bag.

i found an old photo in my flickr of the fabric that was mailed to me in 2007, from cauchy09.

kaffe remnants

… see it in the bottom right corner?

the fabric is from kaffe fassett! wow … his color sense and composition are amazing! i have several of his early knitting books. they are timeless. and now, i have a new notions bag sewn from one of his fabrics, mailed to me 7 years ago from a fellow flickr friend =)

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