Wednesday, April 02, 2014

bouncing ...

… between a couple of projects.


on my marigold pullover, i am working on the front. at some point, i will have to pause, measure gauge, and figure out at which point i will start the neckline shaping. for now, the knitting on it is mindless … kinda like my clapotis …

tonight, i'm only 48 stitches away from finishing (i decrease 1 stitch each row). my favorite part is getting to where i drop stitches. i'm anxious to see how this will block. i am on my 3rd ball of yarn, though i won't use that much of it.

i will have a few extra ends to weave in because there have been a couple of knots along the way. it is HEAVY. it won't be the wrap i stash in my purse for an evening out.

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