Sunday, April 27, 2014

kissed a few frogs

as my marigold pullover has come closer to being finished, i have been trying to find myself a new pattern.

i have started quite a few summer sweaters in the last week or so. and they have all failed. that's what happens when it's just "forced".

but today, i finally found my "prince".


the color is bad here. it's late. the lighting is awful.

the color is really more of a natural white. berroco calls it "birch". the yarn is remix. it's a recycled yarn, and a mix of nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk, and linen.

the fabric is incredibly soft and light for an aran weight yarn.

the sweater i'm knitting is called route 1. it's an oversized pullover.

and my marigold pullover? it's in the process of being blocked. all that's left is to sew up the side seams,  knit some ribbing around the armholes, and finish the neckline edge.

i spent the day with schmutzie. we blocked my sweater, and my clapotis. the clapotis dried in a few hours outside on the deck. i still need to weave in the ends however.

my sweater is still at schmutzies. she's going to finish it for me. i know. she volunteered. i accepted … and now i can start my new/next sweater =)

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