Sunday, April 27, 2014

good weekend

i've accomplished a few things, and neglected others.

on the crafty-side, i have this!

BeFunky Grunge 3 on iPhone

that's the progress i've made since yesterday's yarn purchase. this is the backside of my route 1 summer pullover.

right now, i'm on the boring bits. the back is just 2" of ribbing, then all stockinette, some raglan decreases, and bind-off. boring. or, to be positive, "mindless".

it's great for watching netflix.

BeFunky Grunge 3 on iPhone

this is the yarn i'm using. it's berroco's remix. my lys only has a few color ways. i almost went with a red, but then decided on something more neutral --- this off white, called "birch".

the sweater has a deep v, and is not very  long in the body, so i can wear any other color underneath.


and with my new project, i wanted a new project bag. i picked up this fabric today. i only got a 3/8 yard  cut to make my bag. i cut and sew crosswise.

i didn't take my yarn with me. i thought my yarn was more white than it is. the yarn is quite creamy compared to the white flowers on this print. regardless, i like my new bag!

another new thing pictured are the needles.

BeFunky Grunge 3 on iPhonef

i had some holiday money burning a hole in my wallet.

i've wanted a complete set of interchangeable needles for awhile now. i guess i have the notion that if i have a set like this, i will suddenly be "organized". ( i know, it takes more than a set of needles ….. )

the needles are made by knitter's pride. this kit is for the 16" needles. this means the needles themselves are shorter, and the cables with the kit make the needles (once joined) 16" in length.

i sometimes use 16" circular needles for hats and other small things. but i can make these needles longer with various cables. and the needles are nice. they join nicely. they came with 2 cables to make them 16", and i bought an extra cable to make a set of 24" (which i'm using on my sweater now) … i need to get at least one other 24" cable connector.

other stuff …

BeFunky Grunge 3 on iPhone

i was so pleased to find yesterday at admit ewe knit, euroflax lace yarn on a cone! she had lots of colors to choose from, and this pattern. there wasn't a sample (unless i missed it) … but, i've worked with this yarn before, in lace weight, and the finished shawl is one of my favorites.

so, i picked up the pattern and wee cone (630 yards) of "orchid" and will cast on tonight.

(i got a short set of 4mm straight bamboo needles by clover with a coupon today … i want to knit this on straights.)

i have other things to share, but the sun is so low on the horizon, and i want to settle in with one of my knit projects. THOUGH, I SHOULD BE CROCHETING A JAWA RIGHT NOW!

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