Monday, April 21, 2014

easter weekend


it's still easter in my mind. i didn't work friday as my job was closed (because the NYSE was closed) … and i took monday as a vacation day. i've had a really nice 4 day weekend.

i feel like i've not accomplished much knitty-crochet.

for the first time in many many months, i'm finally getting into a routine. i think my next steps are to focus more on my knitting or crochet, to assure the progress i make is positive.

the red sweater from the last post? … ripped. well, not technically ripped … but it doesn't fit. the construction was very interesting, but it needs tweaking to fit me better.

what have i done?

i've finished crocheting the required elements for a test pattern of a blanket!

growing molecule

i have more pictures here.

okay … i am tired … i'm actually going to cast on for a pair of socks (GASP!) … more later …..

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