Saturday, April 05, 2014

a little bit of progress

i had a full day … went to an 8am meeting, got some food afterwards and then headed over to a friend's house. from there, we went to our local lys.

there, i had some "unproduction" --- made some knitting mistakes, and haven't yet "recovered" from the ripping out of my crochet.

then i went to my eye appointment --- YAY! new glasses! --- well, after the lenses are made.

i stopped at the grocery store to pick up some eggs & avocados, then finally headed home.

here's the progress part …..


i am working on the sweater front --- but in order to figure out where to start the neck shaping, i have to first block the back and consider my row gauge.

so, sweater back was soaked for a bit, and then spread out to dry (otherwise known as "blocking", or in ready-to-wear, "hand wash, dry flat").

♥ i love seeing the lace pattern all spread out !!! ♥

when it's dry, i will measure and calculate backwards. my yarn is not the same weight, and my gauge is different.

also, i picked up an eagerly awaited magazine today !


… the latest issue of knitscene.

it has some terrific summertime pullovers. and it will be my bedtime reading.

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