Sunday, December 14, 2014

finished first sleeve!


i think i'm really liking topdown construction. i was able to try on my sweater as i was knitting, and decide when to start the ribbing for the sleeve cuff, and when it was long enough and ready for bindoff.

as i was admiring my finished sleeve, i spotted a dropped stitch in the body's hem ribbing. i put a stitch marker on it for now, but i will go back and take out 1/2 the cast-off stitches, and pick up that dropped stitch.

and, i'm not too keen on the ribbing for the neckline. it seems like too many stitches or too loose. after the sweater is completed, i think i'll go back and redo the neckline ribbing. perhaps pick up fewer stitches or grade the gauge down with a series of rounds with smaller needles.


the fabric is beautiful. i have not alternated skeins while knitting. i don't notice any funky pooling or color differences where i've switched to the next hank.

when i bought this yarn at SAFF, there were only 4 hanks (each approx 450 yds). i wanted a 5th for "just in case". i am finally on the 4th hank, which i joined when i started the 2nd sleeve. so, i definitely have plenty of yarn!

the size i'm making is for the finished 37" by the way. the leftovers may end up in a stranded hat (with pom pom, of course).


and last night, i did the right thing in starting the 2nd sleeve. i want this sweater done!

i'm knitting the sleeves on dpns. they're inexpensive susan bates needles, and a bit slippery and heavy. every now and then on the first or last stitches, i drop a needle.

but, i'd rather be knitting this part with dpns. i've tried magic loop on sleeves before and didn't care for the results. i'm more even with dpns.


and i've been toting my sweater around in this festive bag i sewed just before thanksgiving.

it's large enough for a sweater project, though it's not always convenient to tote around such a large project. therefore, i'm also working on a mindless sock …..


… knitted with one of my favorite sock yarns, kroy.

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