Thursday, December 11, 2014

tick tock tick tock

i really want to start a new project! i have all this fabulous new yarn still sitting on the kitchen table that beckons me day and night.

however, i cannot start a new sweater until i finish my most recently started sweater.

the Beeline .....


i abandoned my sweater when all i had left were the sleeves. last night, i wasn't in the sock mood, and decided to revisit my sweater.

this yarn is amazing! i've started a sleeve, and i cannot see a difference between skein to skein.

i think this is one of those moments when i kick myself and ask, "why didn't i finish this sooner?!"

so, i'm on sleeve #1. it's going fast enough. the only difficult part is the needles i'm using. they're metal. they're slippery. and, a bit heavy. so, from time to time, they fall out.

i'm going to keep on knitting though. i'm excited about having a new sweater to wear!

in other news, i finished some socks ….


i started off with great enthusiasm. and i plowed through the first sock.

then came sock #2. hmmmm …. second sock. now what?

i was tired of the yarns i'd chosen for the first sock and wanted something different.

so, back to the stash of leftovers. i dug up some of my self striping or variegated yarns that didn't have that faux fair isle blippy stuff.

the socks aren't exactly the same size. i think some yarns were a bit thicker than others, and maybe my gauge changed.

but i like them! they are one of a kind !!!

ps. the pattern is stripe tease, available through ravelry

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