Saturday, December 27, 2014

new socks (for me!)

i've been knitting lots of socks lately, but for other people.

in the knitpicks cyber monday sale, i bought this discontinued sock yarn "felici" in the rustic cabin colorway.

this yarn is super soft! i didn't need it, and it wasn't "on sale". but, it was available for a limited time --- and sold out quickly.

i've used this yarn a few times, and always love the results. this colorway was new to me --- and i decided a couple of nights ago that i deserved a new pair of socks.


so, i cast on the infamous jaywalker. according to my ravelry pages, this may be my 9th time knitting this pattern!

though that seems redundant, this pattern was first published in 2005. so, knitting it once a year is about right.

AND, it's one of my "go to" patterns --- it's a wonderfully easy to memorize sock pattern that really showcases self striping yarns.

the picture is somewhat dark, but my wee 50 gram ball is sitting in my new yarn bowl ---- my wooden yarn bowl (hopefully i won't break it).

i have a tendency to break my ceramic ones (that's why i keep super glue in my knitting notions bag).

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