Sunday, December 07, 2014

HO! HO! HO! … in the spirit!

today was so much fun, that i cannot believe it's sunday!

first of all, sunday is my regular grocery shopping & cooking day.

i headed to my local grocery store. i had a shopping list in hand. i purchased all on my list, and then a few other things ….


so, i first visited the flower section of the grocery store. i could use some fresh flowers (i often buy flowers that last almost 2 weeks).

and they were featuring poinsettias.

so, there i stood. fretting. the smaller pinkish one or the big spectacular speckled one?!

they were different prices. the smaller one (very pretty!) was $3.33. the larger awesome one was twice as much. i wanted the larger one.


so, i carried both up to my local flower girl. here i pondered. sigh … do i get the pinkish one or the twice as expensive speckled one?!

so, we discussed it. and she said, "do your shopping, and come pick up your poinsettia".

what she was saying was, "i'll mark it down!".

so, i returned, and picked up this beauty!


so pretty! perhaps its last time --- because there is a regimen to help poinsettia to change colors the next year.


merry christmas !!!!!

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