Sunday, May 10, 2015

crafty weekend, somewhat

it's sunday, so this is phase 2 of "crafty weekend". what is "crafty weekend"? … in a nutshell, it's "wishful thinking". a proper "crafty weekend" would be at least 3 days off in a row! … with no travel or housekeeping.

but first, my progress on the greenish pullover …


my goal this weekend was to complete the 6" of the backside, and then begin the front. i did accomplish that, and now i have the stitches set up so i knit mindlessly for awhile again.

the next fun part will be joining the body in the round … but I'm likely many days away from that with my tortoise speed.

yesterday, amongst my errands, i went to my local joann's store. the simplicity patterns were 99 cents each. i pulled a few patterns i've had on my list, but only left with one pattern:


this is simplicity 1164. the last time patterns were on sale, they didn't have this one in stock. it's a wrap dress (or skirt) and reversible. there's a video via simplicity illustrating all the different ways to tie and wear, but i like this version in blue as tied over one shoulder.

the pattern is super simple, but i haven't the fabric to make one. though joann's has tons of fun and inspiration, and great prices, they don't have a great selection of fabric. i will have to wait until my next road trip to mary jo's in gastonia.

when looking at the simplicity video of the dress, i found another video of a "flipit" dress. here's a link for a pretty dress (though super expensive).

for now, i'll stick with 99 cent simplicity patterns and hopefully some pretty polyester from mary jo's.

for the rest of today, i have a few goals: laundry, grocery shopping, more knitting or crochet, and a wee bit of housework.

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Anonymous said...

Do you need my size for pattern 1164? 😎 cute!