Sunday, May 03, 2015

how i used to listen to music

on my kitchen table is my old "boom box". i know i've had it since '88, if not earlier. it's a big panasonic, with cd player and dual tape cassette (you know, for making your own mix tapes!).

the cd player skips a lot. I'm not sure if it's the player or the cd's i've used in it (some of those cd's skip on my laptop and in the truck too).

and i haven't used the tape player(s) in YEARS.

while home this past weekend, i rummaged around for some of my old cassette tapes. i found a small zippered case, and a few other rogue tapes. there are more at home, but i ran of time with the search.

when i got home late this afternoon, i pulled out a tape and gave it a whirl. and guess what, … it WORKS. the sound is crap, as expected, but it works. it plays. it plays at the correct speed.

i might have to check out the thrift store next time for some other tunes …




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