Monday, May 04, 2015

new sweater(s)

i know. i have cast on 2 new sweaters.

and they're both for KAL's. but, no pressure. i do feel confident i can finish both by either deadline.

first up, this pullover for this KAL.


for this part of this sweater, i need to knit 6". i'm almost there. i knitted a few inches this past weekend, and then got (almost) another 3" completed.

it's on smallish needles … US 5's. the needles are actually larger than i've used for most of my sweaters lately, but the gauge is still small. SO, lots of stitches.

the yarn is:


i got it at one of my local yarn stores. it's a nice mix of wool and cotton, in a fingering weight. this yarn is not a brand i've ever seen before. but, i love it! and besides being a nice gauge and blend, it has a really cute stick figure on the label.

the other sweater, i've knitted before.

remember my pretty Lena tee? … knitted with sparrow (linen). i cast on a second.

i don't have a photo of the yarn or progress. but, what i've done so far:

  • knitted 1st garter stitch hem
  • cast on and knitted 2 rows of second hem
so, 2 sweaters … one knitted with complete confidence (since i just finished the same sweater in the same yarn) and one knitted with optimism. 

ps. new (old) toy for late night music entertainment !!!
it kinda goes hand-in-hand with the tape currently playing in the old boom box ...


Anonymous said...

Disco anyone while we knit? 😎 so....the tape cleaner worked?

elns said...

whoa, disco + knitting. You are a dancing queen! I never thought of that combination, ha!

love the yarn you've just cast on and I'm just impressed that you are actually paying attention to gauge, maybe I will too one day, meh.

happy knitting