Saturday, May 30, 2015

newest and latest …

i've found my next project. another summer tee, in linen.


i got this magazine last summer. it's full of cute summer tops. this one (above right) is called linum tee.

it's knitted in my latest love, the quince & co 'sparrow'.

but, i'm out of that yarn. i've knitted my last 2 tee shirts with sparrow. i ♥ love ♥ that yarn. however, in my total failed year of "cold sheep", maybe i'll try to knit from stash this time around.

i have this euroflax linen (shamefully & joyfully found in the back of a drawer). it's similar to the sparrow, but a bit thicker and rustic.

it's knit from the bottom up. i've already knitted the wee ribbed hem and have started the stockinette body.

the color is not "my" color --- but it will be okay with a pretty reddish-strawberry sheer lipstick.

i think i bought this yarn for a shawl years ago, but now it's going to be a tee =)

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Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

Good to know. I have seven skeins of Sparrow waiting for my with my next project, also a summer tee. One more sweater to finish first. Can't wait.