Sunday, May 17, 2015

doesn't feel like much (progress)


maybe knitting slow as molasses is what you get when you're trying to knit on 2 sweaters in fingering weight yarn at the same time.

above is my second lena tee. i'm on my 4th skein of yarn (4 out of 5). i'm on the front after the split for armholes (knitted from the bottom up). so, i'm getting there. and though now i'm knitting on 1/2 as many stitches since i went from knitting in the round to this portion of flat knitting, it feels very very slow… small needles + small yarn ='s many stitches and rows.


… my other slow as molasses sweater ! i haven't made much progress this weekend, because i put most of my knitting time into the linen lena tee.

this is my top down pullover soft stones. i have knitted the top portion and am now on the body. so, with this one, i've gone from the flat knitting to knitting in the round.

i'm only on my 2nd ball of yarn, but again, skinny yarn and L O T S of stitches! i have a deadline to finish this one by july 1st. and funny thing is, it may not be worn until after the summer since it's a combo of cotton and wool. it's an enjoyable project and well written pattern, but i'm a little not thrilled about knitting with such fine yarn at the moment.

so, how to break it up? … crochet on worsted weight acrylic!


this is hexagon #21 of my Versailles Matelass√© Afghan. the pattern calls for 35 hexagons (not counting the filler squares). i don't want my blanket as large, so i'm going to make 30 hexagons. however, that means i'm only about 66% finished. there is no deadline, but i'd like to finish it before i got to the beach in july. otherwise, i'll be taking a big bulky project with me to work on while at the beach. maybe.

and lastly, when i have the time, i need to wash these fabrics.

i can't get the font to look like the rest of my post, so i figured if it's different, it should be really different.


i found a nice sewing project online with a tutorial. it looks simple enough, but i do need to prewash my fabrics. and, i don't have all the notions yet. this may end up being a looooong project, just because there's so much else going on. but, if it turns out well, i will be sure to share here.

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elns said...

Your fabrics are beautiful. I'm a fan of your sweater color, but I laughed when you said slow as molasses fingering sweaters. I'm slow even when I knit in bulky weight. ha! I have yet to attempt a fingering weight sweater, but the drape is so lovely in the weight.