Sunday, May 10, 2015

weekend, part II

i thought the weather was clearing out. for awhile, it was dry, partly sunny, and breezy. now, it's raining.


earlier today, i commented, "it feels like the beach" … it was warm and balmy, breezy, impending rain that was supposed to just blow out.

and for awhile, it was breezy and dry, with peeks of sunshine. i thought my things would dry out.

i was wrong. and of course, just after i watered my plants, a steady rain fell.

so the socks are still outside, covered, but full of humidity. i'll pull them in later and maybe they'll dry by the time i get off work tomorrow.

regardless, i'm still enjoying the peace of today. the laundromat was quite, the parking lot at the grocery store was uncrowded, and the general feeling around town certainly smacks of "holiday".

yes, … a nice quiet day!

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elns said...

We need rain so badly. Right now we just have partly sunny skies and a lot of wind. The kind of wind where you want to put a hat on to keep your hair in place. ha!