Wednesday, August 31, 2005

it doesn't end with a F.O.

i don't know how or why i do this, but for some reason, i can always find an occasion or project, to lead me on to more work. ie: look, i just finished knitting this tank top. but, what to wear with it? oh! i know! i can sew a skirt to wear with it. so, off i go to mary jo's searching for something perfect. and you know what? i found something perfect :)

fabric up close

mary jo's doesn't necessarily label their fabric fiber contents ---- yes, the cotton/quilting fabrics are 100% cotton, and ultrasuede is 100% synthetic, but this? they don't know. i assume it will shrink, so i take it home and wash and dry it before cutting out. this is a skirt pattern i've made many times before. when you find something that works, why change? it's a very simple bias skirt pattern --- one pattern piece, cut twice. sew the side seams, hem, sew the elastic to the top. finito!

mccalls 3296 bias skirt

what you end up with is a lovely ensemble ... but, i have to find a camisol to wear with. maybe i will be off to wally world later tonight to find some acceptable undergarment.

tank & skirt

just in time for the changing season?! sometimes i'm a few steps behind, but i figure, better late than never.


pinky said...

Verrry nice. You are my wardrobe-building hero.

Jennifa said...

Great outfit!