Tuesday, May 16, 2006

go fish

little swimmer

yes, i know i said i would start my socks, but ... i got sidetracked. corbett is so excited about knitting and crochet, that every day he sends me links of cool things he's found on the net. we had a semi-virtual conversation the other night, sending each other links, and ooohing and ahhhing over various images on the web. well, we were both excited about this and this! it just happens that i have the knitter's magazine #51 from which the first sample was knitted ... and as requested, i knitted up a sample this morning. i used tahki cotton classic on size 5 short clovers, and one fish weighs about 12 grams. in theory, i could get 4 fishes from one hank of cotton.


Corbett said...

I'm gonna knit one later this afternoon.
Koigu on #3's to see how that looks.
I ultimately want to make blankets for my twin god kids for Christmas so the search will be on for something to knit it up in.
Oh and I'll have to choose colors which could take me forever cause I like 'em all.

DK said...

I see awesome cute kitty toy potential; now I have to go see if I have that issue! ^..^

amanda cathleen said...

ohmygoodness!! Too cool! : D

Julia said...

Yay! Fisheys!!

ms. pea said...

OMG how wonderful! you're lucky you have knitter's #51 in your collection - it's out of print now. :(
maybe i can get you to copy me the pattern in exchange for... uh... your crochet magazine back. and some chocolate?

Lolly said...

That is just too cute!