Wednesday, May 10, 2006

the haul

happy socks!

first, before i show off all the goods from msw, i am happy to show off my finished socks! whoooo - hooooo ! i am so happy to be finished with these, so i can now devote more time to these ....

new koigu sock

this latest sock is the embossed leaves socks from interweave's winter 2005 issue. i started these at msw with fresh indigo koigu. i haven't made much progress, as it's not exactly a conversation knitting pattern. i haven't messed up (yet), but i will tell you that if i'm knitting this in your company, i am concentrating more on my sock than the words from your mouth. what can i say?

the haul

i think that's all of it. i can't say that i went there with a gameplan. i didn't know what to expect. i just hoped to find yarns that i could not find locally at home. i have been knitting a lot of socks this year, so of course sock yarns were on my mind ... especially the handpainted variety.

this is called celestial merino dream by lucy neatby. it's a 100 gr. skein at 310 yds. i think the yardage is a bit short for a pair of socks, so i'm going to try to knit them a la lucy and do something toe up. there was another skein available to purchase, but at $22 a pop, i will get by with shorter socks!

next up, nature's palette by hand jive knits. it is naturally dyed, fingering wt, and 100% merino wool. i have two hanks for a pair of socks. this color is called odd duck #4. i had seen ads for this yarn, but had never seen it in person. let me tell you, all the colors are beautiful! (and each hank has 10 more yards than koigu!)

claudia's hand painted yarns ... in chocolate cherry! this too is a fingering wt. merino, destined to be a pair of socks. i've had my eyes on this colorway for awhile now ... it's been sitting in my virtual shopping cart at kpixie for months. and now it's mine!

i really enjoyed knitting the egg-yellow opal, and i love opal's rainforest collection. but, i only allowed myself one ball of opal, and that was the chameleon colorway. whenever i think of it, i think lizard lizard.

koigu. i love koigu, and i hate koigu. i love the colors and the twist, i hate that it can be so stinkin' hard to get your hands on it. when i picked this color, i thought i was getting a nice icky pea soup green. instead, i got a bronze icky pea soup. that's what happens when you shop for yarn under the hue of incandesent lightbulbs. it's more golden than green, but it's still wonderfully icky.

this is something i had not seen before, kidlin pixie by louet sales. it's a lace wt. linen, kid mohair, nylon mix at 50 gr. and 250 yds. i have four hanks, plenty for a shawl of some sort. the color just sucked me in, and the mix adds a lot of color depth.

this is brooks farm's riata, a blend of wool, mohair, silk. this is destined to be a clapotis. i was inspired by jenna's beautiful blue clapotis. go and take a look at hers. brooks farm has beautiful yarns, and by the time i got to their booth, they were rather picked over. i had in mind a slightly variegated yarn, but somehow fell for this semi-solid gunmetal gray. being a blend, each fiber is ever so slightly a different shade of gray.

chocolate! this is 100% merino wool and the color is natural ! chocolate sheep! i bought enough of this to knit a rowan sweater, and am substituting it for yorkshire tweed dk. oops, this is greenwood hill's dk wt. merino.

i still have more pictures from msw, but they will have to wait until later, as i've spent too much time infront of my monitor this morning.

dancing mouse

even the little felted mouse is doing the happy dance!


Lolly said...

You are the sock yarn queen!! I love the Koigu you scored. I have been wanting some of that Opal Rainforest for sometime - that Chameleon is such a great colorway!
Definitely check out the Tess sock yarn - very reasonable price for LOTS of yardage. I did some socks in it, and I loved it more with each stitch - great yarn!

Saun said...

What a great haul. My mother went back to look for that Lucy Neatby yarn but all the good colorways were gone. She was really disappointed. Did you know they sell the Claudia Handpainted at the LYS in Wake Forest. I swiped some from there.

pinky said...

Claudia Handpaint in Wake Forest? ROAD TRIP!!

I loved seeing your yarn again on the blog... good job! One day I will photograph my haul... one day. By the way, you only appear as though you need to do pushups because you keep showing up with your totally buff girlfriend.

Jenna said...

Oh man, I'm jealous that you got some of the nature's palatte - I wanted to keep my eye out for it but didn't see any.
I almost got some of that Riata in the burgundy color, it's luscious. Your clap will be so multi-faceted and match so many outfits. Looks like you had a very successful festival!

amanda cathleen said...

What a awesome haul!!! Loven' the natures palette!! *snicker* I love how you describe the koigu color! Icky! *L* Wasn't the brooks farm booth to die for? Your clapotis is going to beautiful! You picked up many great yarns! Can't wait to see what you turn them into!! : D

agent aubergine said...

Great stuff! I enjoyed seeing lots of it in person yesterday. Guess what I found at ACMOore today? It's green and small and hangs around your neck.
Agent Aubergine