Saturday, May 27, 2006

toe bound

it's all downhill from here .... i have passed the heel and am toeward bound! my socks do not match, as that's not the most important thing to me, but, both my heels will be only one color! that's what was important to me with this pair of socks.

which socks will be next? how about the socks i started twice already?! ... third time's a charm, right? recap: liked first sock, but the gauge was too large. gauge right on second sock, but hated toe (experiment).

i have two goals this weekend ... finish the chameleon socks and to finish my orange crochet shawl. both are (almost) certain.

last round

i am still on my last round of crochet for the shawl. before i finish, i want to steam the ferengi to see if they're going to behave. at this point, they still look like a mass of crazy worms.


Nomi said...

I love the way those socks match... but don't match. Yeah, the solid heel really unifies them. Your color choices- in all your projects- are lovely ;)

amanda cathleen said...

I love how the heels don't match! Its cute! : D