Tuesday, May 09, 2006

what a ride!

on the road

what's a roadtrip without proper signage? we must let everyone know where we're headed. you never know when your local law enforcement officer will be a llama-kisser too!

besides the obvious (touching and smelling fibers and yarns and shopping), msw was a great opportunity to hook up with people we only read about on the net. there was a meetup organized by cara of january one.

knitblogger hillside

i'm not the best in the world at rubbing elbows, but my partner in crime made the event less overwhelming. i have been known to drive to a big halloween party, and turn around to go home because i couldn't find a parking spot. but, my butt found a space to park on the hillside and whip out the knitting for a bit.

i was soon recognized by my sock, and once the ice was broken, i had a very good time!

i met some lovely ladies such as mistress stash enhancer, who, lived true to her name! holy sheep dung! go check out her loot! then, there was jenna of pink monkey knits ... who was clapotis-free that day. seeing hers on her blog inspired me to give that project a whirl again. i also met lolly for the first time, as she's one of the few bloggers that doesn't hide behind her yarn in photos. thank goodness!

there's more to share and tell, but like yesterday, i am tired ... though probably not as tired as miss pinky here on the drive back yesterday ....

she shopped 'til she dropped

more to come ... tomorrow ... i'll have pictures of the yarns i brought home with me. and, here's a sneak peak! a kit to make needle felted mice!

needle felted mice!


Lolly said...

I really enjoyed meeting you! I only wish I had been able to hang out with you longer than 2 minutes! Your dress was SO cool. I am very impressed by all of your mad crafty skillz. Knit, crochet, and sew? Triple threat!

Love the little felting kit you got. I can't wait to see those!

Jenna said...

Your pics are great. You'll have to hurry up and show what you got to make the clapotis, I want to see!

pinky said...

Man, Lolly has NO IDEA about all the skillz that you throw down. Metalworking, herb-gardening, tequila-drinking!! The list could go on for pages. Maybe that will be the New Meme, "Pick another blogger and name five good things about them that they never mention themselves."

About me you can say that I get along well with sock monkeys, especially in sleep-type situations.

My verification word is "tytzs." Figure out the significance of that!

ms. pea said...

felted mice! oh! so! cute!

amanda cathleen said...

I LOVE the felted mice kit!! Where did you find it??
your sign? too cute!! : D