Thursday, May 04, 2006

more than 1/2 there ....

this may be as far as i get with this until i return from maryland. at this point, i have 37 joined motifs out of a total of 66 motifs when it's finished. the current measurements are 18.5" x 33". it's fun to see it get bigger. there are some instructions in the finishing that can't visualize yet, but, i'm not going to worry about that until i get there.

almost to the toe

the sock is lucky to be small enough to travel, so i hope to finish this pair soon. i feel like my sock knitting is just getting tighter and tighter, so i'm thinking on moving up to the next needle size for my next pair. maybe.

i think i'm ready for some textured/patterned socks next. two patterns i'm enamored of are ellen's stockings from nancy bush's folk knitting in estonia (note: this stocking was knitted by saartje) and ...

interweave knits embossed leaves socks as shown knitted here by coleen.

speaking of socks, i emptied a box the other day and found these socks!

meida's socks

these are called meida's socks designed by (duh!) nancy bush from interweave knits spring '97. i knitted them with cashmere from hunt valley cashmere. i washed them in the shower yesterday, and made these coat hanger sock blockers following instructions from needletrax, and hanged them to dry outside on the porch.


Alice said...

that's the second pair of cashmere socks I've seen blogged today

they look great!

Wendy said...

Oh my. That wrap is amazing. It almost makes me want to finish my Carnival so I can start something like yours!

pinky said...

I can never tire of looking at handknit socks on the internets. My day is made.

see you in MD!

DevilMeow said...

That orange-y colorway on Colleen's embossed leaves socks is soooo much nicer than that old blue color in the mag. Maybe I Need those socks after all!
LOVE the coat hanger sock blockers.

Lolly said...

Aren't Coleen's sock grand? I just love them! You will probably see them this weekend.

That crochet wrap is so great, Gray. I really am looking forward to that finished object - you should model it for us!

Best wishes, and SEE YOU SOON!

Patti said...

Are you feeling a little ORANGE? ;)Gorgeous stuff, you've been busy!