Thursday, May 18, 2006

short stack

is it wrong to love your newest project over your other projects? i suppose it's just a crush, because i know that as soon as the next project presents itself, my fishes will end up in the backseat. but, in the meantime, i'm really diggin' these fish! i'm also pleased with the project because it is a stashbuster. (almost) all this cotton classic was purchased years ago to knit a striped dress that i had seen in vogue knitting magazine. what was i thinking? so, i already had 5 very caribbean shades of teals, greens, and blues ... and i added the orange to the mix yesterday. i don't know how large my blanket will end up. i was thinking this morning that it has the potential to weigh a ton just because it is cotton. i'll worry about that later.

toe up elfine lace sock

i have cast on for the elfine lace socks. i used the crazy eight (?) wrappy method to cast on the toe. i'm knitting these using the singular circular method, with size 1 addi turbos, 40". but, i had a slight rude realization yesterday ... addi size 1's are not the same mm size as my crystal palace size 1's. the addi's are 1/4 mm larger, and i think that has made a big difference in the size of my sock. it seems to be a bit baggy. i think a lace sock should hug the foot. what to do? i'm going to cast on, from the other hank of yarn, on size 0 turbos.

each time i've picked up this project, i feel like i'm all thumbs, learning again the best way to hold the needles and keep the loops from aggravating me. once i get going, it's smooth sailing.

by the way, just look at the colors in that yarn! it's painter's palette by hand jive knits. it seems very koiguesque, but it has 10 more yards per hank than koigu, and doesn't have as much stretch and spring. it actually reminds me more of cherrytree hill's supersock yarn.

and in the backseat, we have ...

need to bridge the gap

... only 5 more motifs to bridge the two sections together! how long will this take? hmmm ... go ask the fishes.

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