Tuesday, February 27, 2007

socks ... like that's a big surprise

i joined socktopia sometime in january, because the idea of knitting from a selection of themes seemed less stringent than some kal's. though i'm horrible at sticking to a kal, i thought i could handle the flexibility. i did not knit any socks for this kal in january, though i tried. but, i tried harder for february, and knitted these!

i finished these socks sunday evening, as jackie worked her ass off, literally running circles around me.

there's better pictures of sock parts and colors over here and a blog post here.

but, the buck doesn't stop there! of course, there's still lots of sock knitting to be done ... and i cast on for the mate of this sock soon afterwards.

i'm already into the lace part, enjoying the repeats (again). ha! ha!

and there's always more ... as the themes for march have been announced, and i'm considering knitting socks from either of these books, as one of the themes is around the world.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, if you find a book you really like, buy it ! because, someday it will be out of print, and it will be much more difficult to find, and likely way more expensive. i purchased anatolian knitting designs years ago, in the early days of my sock knitting. it seems then, there weren't that many books about socks, and if there were, they were all of the ethnic variety. i was so sock hungry that i would pick up anything that even mentioned the word socks.

and why i bought andean folk knitting ? ... well, i had, and still have, this thing for bolivia.

nevertheless, what i'm trying to get at, is that i might attempt some colorwork in socks. i feel rather well equipped with my knitting library. i just don't know if i have the patience. jenna has the patience ... go check out her amazing socks!

edit:if you like the flavor of these types of books, here are some that are still available (still in print, or not priced beyond reason) ...knitter's ethnic socks & stockings, marcia lewandowski's andean folk knits, and nancy bush's folk socks and folk knitting in estonia, and anna zilboorg's fancy feet.

oh, and i wore those pretty koigu socks, in the very top photo, yesterday ... and the wind blew right through my eyelets!!! brrr !

koigu socktopia sock specs: 2 different colorways of koigu, size 1 1/2 dpns, top down, 2x2 eyelet rib.


Jenna said...

Even if it's no suprise that you're working on socks, you do a great job of showing the variety of possibilities with socks. Thanks for the shout out! If you can do lace socks, I don't see why you couldn't do colorwork ones. You don't have to make them super elaborate - even just one pretty color band would be nice.
Recently, I found out that I have a thing for Bolivia, too...Well, Bolivians...my BF is half...

Beth S. said...

You have such good taste in knitting books. And in socks! That Koigu colorway is one of the prettiest ever, I think. It has just the right amount of orange to make it interesting. I'm sorry they didn't keep out the cold, though! ;-)

Zarah said...

I can't believe your feet got cold in wool socks! I guess you better start another pair?

sweetfigs said...

What the? Another new sock? This is killing me.! I'll have to start being monogamous to my Trekking 109s or stop visiting your lovely blog. ;) Your 109s are so old they're probably needing some darning.

gray la gran said...

have no fear! the trekking 109's have only been worn once, so no darning is needed :)
and my feet did get cold because of the holes (but, for decorative purposes, we call them eyelets) !
and it's no secret that i will soon start another pair of socks ... a fresh pair... a pair w/o orphans!
and, i am a book-ho. it seems that some there aren't that many historic, nor technical, knitting books in publication these days. i say, if you like, and you have the money, then buy it!

Mouse said...

Sheesh.. I still have only finished one PAIR of socks in almost a year and you whip them out so quickly! I think I should just accept the fact that I'm clearly NOT a sock knitter and get on with it.. lol
(the socks are gorgeous by the way.. great colors)

amanda cathleen said...

wow, they are lovely! I love the heels and toes. You zippy knitter you

Mar-Argentina said...

No se si podrás entender el castellano, pero no podía dejar de felicitarte por tu creatividad y trabajos maravillosos!!!
Me quedo admirando cada uno de tus trabajos, me recuerda a mi abuela que hacía unas medias tejidas que eran incribles, ahora viendo las tuyas espero algún día poder aprender y animarme a hacer alguna. Felicitaciones por tu blog y todo su contenido!!!


gray la gran said...

puedo entender un pocito, muchas gracias!

senorita gris ;)