Tuesday, December 20, 2011

christmas socks

or, i can call this post, "christmas boots" ... or "i went shopping for other people and i found these fabulous boots for myself!".

EVE 026 
EVE 027 
EVE 031

well, there is a sock in progress in the boot ...

christmas socks
i really like the christmas colorway of red heart's "heart & sole" sock yarn. the colorway is not new, and is available year round, but i suddenly got the urge to knit christmas socks. unfortunately, these won't be done in time for the holiday, as i'm still working on other people's gifts. i'm using my favorite toe up pattern, Spice Man, by yarnissima. the idea is to knit 'til i run out of yarn!

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Nik said...

LOVE those boots! I often do that...go shopping intending to buy something for someone else, but buy something for myself.