Sunday, December 25, 2011

a very crafty christmas

i mostly knit, mom crochets. i learned how to crochet first, as a child, and later taught myself to knit. i'm glad to be able to do both, as i don't feel limited in my creating.

i kinda like to keep mom "busy" (not that she needs any help from me in that department). but, "busy" with what i consider to be "fun" stuff, ie: making things. i created a ravelry account for her. i know and use her user name and password. i am the one that updates it for her and adds projects. maybe some day she'll have the time or interest to do it herself. if not, then i'll just keep doing what i've been doing, ... as long as she keeps making ME things ;)

this year, i asked for some crocheted pillows. it started with this bird pillow, as i'd found the pattern as a "tear off" freebie in the craft store.

christmas2011 018 
this pattern is called the crocheted folk art bird pillow. it uses premier yarns everyday worsted, which is nice and soft, has great colors, and quite affordable. i don't have to tell you i'm a sucker for a nice acrylic yarn. though i thought the colors used in the original pattern were pretty, i wanted something a bit more neutral for this design.

i bought the yarn, tore off a pattern sheet at the craft store, bought the 14" square pillow form, and packed it into a clear zippered bag (like the kind you get when you buy bed linens) and took it to mom. i said, "look! i got YOU something to make for ME!".

and she rocked it! i don't know if i can convince her to make another one, or perhaps i should do it myself ...

so, i'm certainly smitten with this. she didn't like that i had chosen black, which i understand. it's a lot harder to crochet with black than to knit with black.

i can knit with my eyes closed (the basic stockinette stitch). but crochet any stitch with my eyes closed? nope.

then, i showed her some other pillow and cushion patterns, and picked out some colorways of our giant acrylic stash (stashed at her house). next up, the blooming flower cushion(s).

i chose these colors, mostly. here's the funny part ... see the white? i had chosen BLACK. yeah. she was already "done" with the color black when she crocheted the bird pillow. so, she made an executive design decision, and nixed the black!

but, it turned out very nice! don't ask me why i wanted the black .....

she had so much fun with the first one, she made a second pillow  =)   

again, i am the lucky recipient! this time around, she decided on all the colors. i had picked out a color range, and she pulled out other colors that coordinated with the ones she'd already made, or ones she thought looked better in general.

and then, there was the BIG SECRET project. this one, i had no clue about. i hadn't even put this pattern in her queue. but, it's in my raverly queue.

this pillow is based off of the pattern for the freeform crochet blanket (this is a ravelry link). i just think these funky birds are so freaking cool! the tutorial gives instructions on forming the birds, but then it's up to you to "fill it in". i would love a blanket of these guys, but for now, i have a really cool pillow!

so, here's the whole gang, outside on one of the decks. it was a very overcast christmas, but not too bad for taking pictures outside  =)


Hepsi said...

So lovely pillows! Especially those with the birds! =)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pillows. Momma did a purdy good job and then some!

Paul & Carla said...

GREAT pillows! Kudos to your mom! And although I've crocheted for nearly 40 years I have to look at it, too. You don't have that needle to guide you to the next stitch like you do in knitting, which I can do without looking although I've only knitted a few years.