Thursday, December 22, 2011

jerry the musical monkey, loves stuart

so, it turns out, little monsters and critters happen to love sock monsters! i finished this jerry monkey for a friend last night. i gave it to her this morning. i didn't have time to take a proper picture, but played with some of the editing tools on flickr. jerry is one of the pdf patterns from rebecca danger.
crafty weekend 025
for my friend's monkey, i used the 2 skeins of yarn on the right, Sheep(ish) by vicki howell. i was going for color and yardage. i can't say i love the yarn, can't say i like it very much at all, but the colors are very good. when i participated in my color themed swap in the ravelry danger crafts group last july, my awesome swap partner knitted me a jerry. so, it was time to share the love ....

candle 032 
swap 012 
swap 033
looks like he has some bad habits, doesn't it?


Christine said...

OMG.. What is Jerry doing in the last photo? Naughty Jerry!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the purdy monkeys. How cute!