Wednesday, December 07, 2011

for my swappie

'tis monster-season! so, i do belong to 2 groups on ravelry (well, actually, i "belong" to many more, but only actively post on 2 of them). of course, there's my sock knitters anonymous group, and then ... my danger crafts group (hello! monster knitters!). as you saw before, i got my package from my swap partner in california, ms. brooke. and today, she got mine !!! (and, she did not have to stalk the mailman ... more on that later)

swap 003

this is gabby, the "prize" of the swap. gabby is one of the danger crafts monsters. she's knitted in some adored koigu, and is knitted as a mini. she's smaller than stuart, and is a bit fatter. WHOOPS! sorry girl !!!

swap 001
see how little she is?! ... she's crammed into a small USPS flat rate box. she's so "weeeeee". in the box as well is a teeny owl.

swap 006

i stalked my partner as best i could (online), and saw she was into knitting these owls, ... so i decided she should have one for herself.

swap 004

plus, a tin (crammed with chocolate as well) with some soaps ...

swap 008

then sewed up a wee project bag with some lovely BAH HUMBUG fabric ...

swap 007

i lined the bag with a proper lining fabric (ie: slippery polyester stuff) ... then, i stuffed it full just to "check it out".

swap 011

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