Friday, December 16, 2011

the criminal minds mystery kerchief

fly away

oh, so pretty! but i think she looks bigger than she is. she's more of a small shawlette, vs. a full cover the body kind of shawl.

the pattern is called Criminal Minds Mystery Kerchief. it was part of a mystery knit-a-long. now, i don't like mystery knitting. life is short, i wanna know what i'm going to get when i cast on.

but, i saw finished versions of this shawlette, and i saw it in this very yarn (well, same yarn, different colorway), and decided to give it a whirl.

one thing i enjoyed about knitting this pattern was it was error free and quiet detailed. imagine, knitting a shawl without pictures and charts (when it was part of the mystery kal).

so, the pattern gives frequent stitch counts. pretty awesome!

when i went to SAFF, i did buy another pattern by the same designer, and some more color changing yarn ... perhaps i'll reward myself in january or on new years day with a new cast on  =)

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