Sunday, December 11, 2011

why yes, i STILL knit socks!

as a matter of fact, i just finished this pair earlier this past week!

home 039

this pair is for a very good friend. i started the socks back in february, as the ska theme/sockdown was to knit "man socks". i could had knitted these for myself (with fewer stitches), as the pattern is designed for man, but instead decided my good friend would love some handknit socks. i showed him the socks this past week. man, what a GRIN! he's going to wear them this coming week at a holiday party. he plans on breaking them in with some major dancing. for myself, i'm knitting some leftover socks, called totem pole socks (rav. link). i'm using up all kinds of leftovers in my superwash merino or merino/nylon mix.

december socks 034

at first, i planned out the colors. and then, as i started to knit, things just changed ...

totempolesocks 063

i was even able to incorporate that purple from the recently completed pair above. essentially, with this sock, i'm changing stitch patterns and yarns every so often. i'm knitting on 64 stitches, and using stitch patterns from my various stitch library books (ie: _sensational knitted socks_). i just finished sock #1 last night, and hope to cast on the mate tonight, or work on my gloves, or my ______. you get the picture. not enough hours in the day!

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Anonymous said...

I totally loved the color, pattern, and the overall look of the blue socks. What a pair! I really love a woman who has a demonstrable talent in such direction...great! I wish I had someone to knit a pair like that for me. Thanks, Edmund