Sunday, December 04, 2011

a good day for monsters!

i belong to the danger crafts group on ravelry. it's one of my favorite groups, as everyone is happy in that group. it must be all the monster-knitting. monsters make people ♥ happy ♥ . every so often the group has a swap. i had never participated in a swap before joining this group. my first swap was last spring, when i knitted bea for a gal in texas.
bea 015
in return, she had knitted me a tony and coco!
stuffies 135
and later in the year, i did an exchange/swap with another gal up in massachusetts. i knitted her sammie the sock monster ...
sammie 047
and she knitted me a jerry & beatrice!
swap 065
as you can see, there are some "extras" included within the swaps. we have a $10 budget for extras, which does not include shipping your package. for my latest swap, i got my package yesterday! i cannot yet share what i made for my partner, but i can share everything she sent to me =)
swap 012 swap 013 swap 014 swap 017 swap 016 swap 015 swap 018 swap 020
let me just say, OMB! first of all, i love it ALL. the precious monster here is named Penelope, the Empathetic Monster. this pattern is not in rebecca danger's book, but is available as a pdf download on her website. the sweet little owl with penelope is a wee stuffie and the pattern is called owl puffs, and is designed by Jenna Krupar (or, RetroLemon on ravlery). i mailed her package yesterday morning. i can only get to the post office on saturdays, since they open AND close on weekdays, while i'm at work. when she gets hers, i will share the goodies here as well.


Sue said...

Your monsters look fantastic. I keep thinking I should purchase that book so I can knit some of my nephews monsters. Love the little swap package you received too.

Lynsey Tapp said...

LOVE these! Trying to find creative ideas for projects I can make to donate to a local shelter for women and children. Bet the kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these too! Also, is there a way to "follow" your blog? I don't see a "follow me" button. thanks!