Wednesday, June 15, 2005

as promissed

i am doing something i said i'd do -- posting more pictures, about things i talked about. (i like visual aids)
i finally blocked the yellow tank-to-be. i'm still unsure of the fit, as i've been too lazy to slip if off onto waste yarn. when blocked, it measures slightly smaller than my bust measurement. i just wonder if because it's cotton, it'll get all stretched out larger when pulling on over my head, if i can yank it back into shape, or if the wt. of the cotton will keep it under control. part of me wants to go back to being a sock knitter --- socks fit no matter what.

so, here she is, laid out in the grass....

and here she is all up close and personal. the dots are purled. the pattern is adapted from a tank pattern from lana knits. i've knitted three of these in hemp, and i love them! the dots are from a past issue of interweave --- the dots were used for a sleeveless wrap sweater, knitted in cotton. i'm using cotton twist --- it's a pain to knit because i often split the yarn -- pulling out of shape the strand of rayon. but, i'm going to keep using this yarn because the end results are so nice -- i love the variation it adds to the cotton, ... so it's yellow, but two shades, one matte, one shiney. if all works out, it will look something like my hemp tank here.

i was also knitting a clapotis ... but after knitting almost an entire balls' worth of bamboo, i still felt uncommitted. so, i ripped. i haven't finished ripping because 250 yds. of yarn is a lot of ripping, and i am lazy. it was partially ripped when this photo was taken. agent scarlett was so kind to model for my fruitless knitting ....

i just didn't like the dropped stitches. i think this yarn would make an excellent tank top, like the one above, as it has wonderul drape, and would conform w/o shaping.

and lastly, i recovered my bucket of sock yarn :) it's been in safe keeping, and sometimes fondled i'm sure, in the home of agent scarlett. she kindly kept my yarn company as i hiked along the a.t. --- and now, i've pulled out a couple of balls to start some socks. girly socks. i pulled out the pink wildfoote, and the pinky-purple sparkle 'fortissima lame'. i'm going to my storage space later to dig out my sock and lace books.

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devilkitty said...

That Agent Scarlett makes a Stunning model :)