Wednesday, June 22, 2005

could it be?

could it be a one skein wonder? could it be a shrug? could it be agent scarlett has too much time on her hands?

agent scarlett

we played with yarn most of the day .... the joys of a yarn shop! you can see the same yarns daily, and each day, have a new fantasy as to what each ball screams to be. the rowan cotton 4ply wants to be an orangina. but, so does the jaeger siena. the goddess carmen wants to be crocheted into a swirly thing for the carnival shawl. i wore my green crochet 'coaster' pinned to my sundress all day. that's how it is when you have something new. wear it non-stop. note: my coaster got puffy. it "relaxed". when i first blocked it, it was super flat (thanks to the iron :) but now, it definitely puffs on the 'wrong' side. i prefer the 'wrong' side though. maybe this is what happens to cotton crochet in the south? (humidity!) (it doesn't ONLY make your hair curl)

puffy coaster

notice the printout of 'blogger help' my puffy coaster is resting on?

i had suspected that the beautiful cotton for the swatch was a discontinued rowan yarn, cotton "nice". that was confirmed last night when i found the one other ball i have, still with its label. vintage rowan. what a shame! how is it when a yarn is discontinued, impossible to ever find again, that it happens to be THE perfect yarn for a project? i think the only other yarn that could feel as good is silk. wouldn't that be a nice shawl?

oh, a big holler out to AGENT OLIVE LANDLORD! there's something to be said about a good alias :)

we are crazy girls! i LOVE my crazy girlfriends

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