Thursday, June 16, 2005

procrastination behavior

i seem to be hopping from one project to another. that's not uncommon. the part that sucks is this time it's stressing me out. i don't like to associate stress with doing things i enjoy. as another act of procrastination behavoir, i decided to swatch some jaeger 'albany' yarn i bought in the spring to make a summer cardigan. i first started to swatch with the recommended size needles, but the fabric looked too wonky. i went down a size. i should block it though, before deciding if i'm using the correct needle size. i was going to measure the gauge, with the swatch balanced ontop of my lap, but .... i know. that's wrong. that's bad knitting.

albany swatch

the pattern is slip stitched -- i love how it looks in the photo, but not sure about how it looks in 'real life'. because of the slipped stitch, i can see a regular pattern of ridges on the purl sections, about every three rows apart. i haven't decided yet how much this bugs me. of course, you can't see that in the book's photo!

closeup swatch

it's not that i don't have other things to work on. it would be nice to have a summer sweater BEFORE the summer is over! i keep thinking i need a mindless project to work on. but, i don't like plain knitting. i think, oh, i'll do a sock! which yarn? what crazy complicated pattern? should it be toe up or cuff down? i've knitted another sweater with this same yarn, from this same jaeger book --- it's one of my favorites. the jaeger patterns seem to be very well written, even including separate instructions for shaping left and right sides, without saying "oh, just do it the same, but reverse shaping!"

albany sweater

LOVE the yarn!!!!


devilkitty said...

I love it! Make it! :P
You abd Deb got got all that yummy orange Albany, grrrrr....

dropout devilkitty said...

I can't spell :(

pinky said...

YUMMY orange albany. I like the way the purl rows had the ridge because of the big stitch... in an overall pattern I don't think it will be that big of a deal.