Friday, June 03, 2005

first posting

fresh blog :) i don't know what i'm doing. blogging or knitting. i've started five new projects in as many days. i thought one would be successful. but, irene looked at it last night, and said, "it's NOT going to fit!" shit. she might be right. i've used the pattern before, but with hemp. i'm knitting cotton. the gauge is the same, but the hemp drapes, the cotton stands rigid like roadkill. i'm going to slip the knitting off onto some waste yarn, block it, then measure, try on, etc. then, i will decide. if i need to make it smaller, i'll have to leave out a pattern repeat --- which, would remove 14 sts --- which, is A LOT. especially at 5sts/inch. or, i can alter the pattern repeat .... or, ditch another project. i don't know.
well, i hope i can figure out the blog thing here --- the template is suppose to be green. i looked for the address after creating the blog and couldn't find it online. maybe because i didn't have an entry? maybe because i am green?

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