Monday, June 13, 2005

maybe getting it right

i was "playing" last night, and tried to post from flickr, with the template for my photo being a larger photo --- and wham-o bam-o, my photo was so huge that the type on the right edge of my blog was sitting ontop of it. OOPS. so, i deleted it when i couldn't figure out how to make it smaller. i was trying to post this picture.

silk hanks
and if i'd taken the time, i'd post MORE pictures. but, i have to take the pictures first. :(
the knitting basket is filled with about 15 mini-hanks of rowan silk yarn. it's two loosely spun singles plied together. the yardage is not that bad, but does dictate that these will be used for small projects, like maybe flowers, or a purse, or some small accessory. i wound one into a ball, which took a ridiculous amout of time because either i had tangled an end into the loop or because the slinky yarn just kept sliding and tangling on itself. the finished ball only has a 1 3/4" diameter, so i kept dropping it on the floor, to have it unravel under a chair.
in other knitting news, i'm still knitting my clapotis. i am still uncommited to it though. i have knitted almost a full ball of the bamboo yarn, so it seems that 250 yards of knitting on size 6 needles would indicate a commitment? i'm not sure how i feel about the dropped stitches, and maybe it's just with that yarn. my yarn is variagated, but the color change is very subtle, and the 'purplexed' is on the darker side, .... so, with the dropped stitches, it looks like it's striped. i don't know, something about it just screams "cheap" gimmick knitting. the yarn also has a lot of drape, which i think i would appreciate more in a tank top, like one i've made three times before from hemp. (boy, i DO need to post more photos). you all know what i'm refering to, don't you? (well, i'm sure agent scarlett knows.) i also knitted some on my golden tank top, the one irene says is not going to fit. i just needed to work on something last night, fit or not .... though, i don't really know yet as i haven't slipped my knitting onto waste yarn, blocked and measured. by the numbers, it should fit. should. maybe i should change my blog name to the 'lazy knitter'. or the uncommited knitter. or the faux-knitter! oooh, i like that one :)

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devilkitty said...

I like fauxknitter :p
What is this gold tank top?
I think a picture of of the ruffly carmen strangly scarf on the stray kitty would be good ;)