Friday, June 10, 2005


i got the last of my books i had ordered from amazon today. i ordered the sarah dallas book sight unseen. i had seen the knitted gifts book before, and plan to knit the hourglass sweater (someday).
i started the 'one-skein wonder' from last night. i finished it this afternoon. it took more yarn than my size indicated. the pattern knits at a gauge of 4 sts/inch. the yarn i used was a purchase from a.c. moore --- their 'luxury cashmere' --- it's a wool/microfiber/cashmere blend, in a shade of medium teal. the knitting was easy and speedy. maybe i'll try to add a photo of that at a later date.
i'm also in the process of making a mess of my clapotis (sp?). i had increased way beyond the instructions, so slipped my smallest needle about 6 rows below to rip back to. i did a bad job of running the needle through a single row, so, there's more fudging to do before i even begin to count my stitches. (see, this was SUPPOSE to be my mindless knitting project)

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