Monday, June 20, 2005

swatch maker

i found something in the new rowan _classic holiday_ book i like --- a crochet shawl. it's been added to my 'want to make list'. i even swatched it today with some pretty green cotton by rowan -- i'm not sure if it's cotton glace or something discontinued, such as the 'nice' cotton. and, of course, it's a great color, that i probably will never find again. i only have one ball, so if anything, i at least have a pretty green coaster now.

unblocked wheel

blocked wheel

the first one is unblocked, the second is blocked.
this swatch aspires to be this someday!

(hey, look at ME! i created a linky dink!)

the finished shawl in the photo (link) has "ferengi" on its edges. i will not be adding ferengi --- it's a waste of yarn! and i sure as hell hope i don't eat those words later.

and now, just for the fun of it, here's my quilt. it took me 8 years to make it. i finished it a couple of years ago before a roadtrip. its finished size is 64" x 64" . large enough for me, but not large enough for a queen bed. i don't care though. it's lovely.


quilt front and back

that's all for tonight. i only knitted a few rows of my tartelette "bed jacket" tie. i hate knitting ribbing. lazy knitter.
good night!

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devilkitty said...

I vote we ask the mysterious-and-often-absent Rowanista herself-- Miss L-- about the mystery yarn.... :)