Thursday, September 13, 2007

dreaming of sweaters ....

believe it or not, i'm still debating over the fate of bristow or wicked. i actually did cast on for bristow, with my slightly smaller gauge than the pattern calls for. but, i don't think that's how i want to do it. i think i'd rather knit to gauge, and adjust for size in the body of the fabric by adding or subtracting some stitches, so i can keep the shaping and vertical length the same as the pattern calls for.

and i don't know if my brain wants to handle all that potential math.

so, when a project isn't really working out with the flow i desire, it's easy for me to look elsewhere for the next best/new thing.

which, very well could be this pretty cable yoked pullover from the patons book _cables_ as pictured above.
i just got this booklet fresh today, from miguel's.

wouldn't that look lovely in cascade 220's light black ?

there is an errata for this pattern which can be found here.

i was also in search of a couple of other booklets ... this cute publication of socks ....

and this very popular issue of street smart.

they are all mine now, though not in my possession. the cables book i did find locally, but the other two were just mail ordered today via elann.

the good thing about ordering from elann is they have an option of $3.00 shipping on lightweight orders, ie: wee booklets.


amanda cathleen said...

oohhh! I really like the cover sweater of the street smart booklet!

Stacey said...

I am so wanting that Cables booklet! I have yet to find it locally though...We don't have a Michaels around. I love the Street Smart booklet - I have 2 sweaters from it!

f. pea said...

it is *almost* sweater-knitting weather. thanks for the preparatory inspiration!!