Monday, September 24, 2007


not much progress has been made on my hedgerow socks because i ended up ripping them out and restarting with smaller needles. though i got gauge (in stockinette) with 2.25mm, i tend to forget that i get looser when knitting in knit/purl patterns or lace .... the fabric did not have enough boing for my taste, so i am knitting again on 2mm needles now.

and it's slooooowwwwww ! and i'm already bored with the pattern ! whaaaa ! its only redeeming value is that it's pretty and i like the yarn ... and they're gonna be for me.

on the other hand, in protest to wee tiny stitches in a knit/purl pattern with 2mm needles, i started a truly mindless sock (stockinette) ... also on 2mm needles (oops).

i almost completely knitted the leg yesterday (read: didn't have enough brain cells to work on the cabled yoke pullover) and it's totally mindless just knit knit knit round and round !

i don't know when i knitted the first sock. apparently, i didn't keep any notes on it, and ended up having to swatch all over again.


Stacey said...

sometimes we need the mindless round and round!!! I do like the stripes!

bored already - not good!!!

Lisa said...

I love love love the Kaffe Fassett sock yarn!! If you end up stocking it at the GY, *please* let me know-

amanda cathleen said...

oooo, ur hedgerow socks are lovely! i love the shading.
love the stripage on your other socks!

j said...

the stripey socks are sweet! At first glance, I thought you had a red border on top. y'now what? i liked it. very Pippi Longstocking. but they're quite beautiful just as they are.

the shade of yarn yarn the upper pic (is that the hedgerow pattern?) is beautiful.