Monday, September 10, 2007

hypoteneuse debut

hey, i did finish something .... but, i just can't manage a decent picture of my hypoteneuse. it's full of drape, and wonderfully soft. as much as i'd like to wear it a few times before sending it off to its recipient, there's no chance in hell that it will be cool enough soon enough.

is it strange that i can knit an entire shawl and not finish a wee sock ?

i'm at my usual place with this sock ... the dreaded toe ! i don't know what it is about me and sock toes. i don't even care to analyze it. oh, and when i do finish this wee socken, it too will become an orphan =)

... kinda like this glove ....

i've had gloves on my mind lately. pretty gloves, like these and these and these.

but they all required more thought than i could muster up, so i went for something very very basic ... just to satisfy my bug, and my need for mindless knitting.

i made a pair last winter. it was fun ... something i had to try to see if i could actually do it. those were knitted with a worsted wt. wool. though they're very warm, and fit, they are just too bulky.

this time, i am using australian merinos, with a gauge of 7.5 sts/inch on crystal palace 2.75mm dpns. this glove definitely has the negative ease thing going on, and that makes them a better fit than my first pair.

i'm more or less following the instructions in ann budd's _handy book of patterns_.


Stacey said...

need a modeled shot of Hyp! What a beautiful knit!!!! You and the toes - I find that so funny as the toes are my favorite part! :)

kim said...

Nice pictures!

So, negative ease in gloves, eh? I need to remember that for my next pair.

That shawl is lovely!

Anonymous said...

What pattern did you use for your beautiful green glove.

The shawl is beautiful!!!!

amanda cathleen said...

don't you have to 'test' your hypoteneuse to make sure it isn't going to fall apart? hehehe it is wonderful! Lucky, lucky Corbin!
Love your jayawlkers! The stripe is awsome, what colorway is that?
your glove is lovely, I love that green!