Saturday, September 22, 2007

whoops !

i've counted and i've recounted, and still ... there is a missing stitch ! where did it go? was it ever really there? can i get it back ?!

the good news: i know where it needs to be. and i can fudge it.

other news: modifications are in order. i thought i wanted the finished 37", but decided today that i want it an inch bigger ... so, i'm going to keep on increasing, thus gaining a wee bit of length too. it will change my numbers for the shaping and everything else that follows, but oh well. all's good as long as i end up with a multiple of 6 by the time i'm ready to cable the borders. right?!


wuggly said...

I have it-- I TOOK THE ST! :D
(I have ransom demands too)

Stacey said...

I'm with you - just wing it as long as you have the right amount for the cable borders it will all work out! :) Have you considered offering a reward?