Wednesday, September 12, 2007

sometimes ....

... when you're stalled on other projects, you find something else to do.

like, um ... make something new for stuart!

i went home to visit mom & family last weekend. everytime i go home, i take a suitcase full of projects and promises. i will never learn my lesson and take only one project. i'm afraid of being without.

i had several things on my agenda. one of those things was to make stuart some bunny slippers. i didn't get around to it. but, my mom did !

i tried to make him some pj bottoms today ... but kinda messed that up.

caron simply soft
G hook
dmc embroidery floss
plastic safety eyes

oh, and stuart had a bath the other day ... you can see it all over here.


Mtwelovett said...

Stewart had cute Bunny Slippers!!!! I came to see you on Saturday at the yarn store, but alas, you were home visiting...I even had brought WIP to show... next time.

Hope your visit was good.

babykittyous said...

The bunny/mousy slippers are soooooo cute!!!!!!!
How was the new LYS?

amanda cathleen said...

hahaha! those are too.freaking.perfect!

painter girl said...

I think Stuart needs a bunny sweater for the upcoming winter days!

HMMMMMM!!!!!I'll work on it.

Stacey said...

Those are the cutest things ever!!!!! He needs a little coonskin cap too - he'd be all decked out for winter!

kim said...

I love them. They are way too cute.

brenda in toronto said...

oh my god!!!! squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

ynnpiano said...

I assume your mom is going to do a complete bunny outfit for Easter. Lots of time to work on it. Those slippers are just the cutest things I have seen recently.