Tuesday, September 18, 2007

" the new phone book's here ! "

that's just a quote from one of the funniest movies ever! ... and that's what i thought today when i got my package from elann with my patons pattern booklets. silly me thought they'd be small like my cables book, but instead they were grande !

street smart and happy feet are already on the bed, and i'm going to have some fabulous bedtime reading tonight! in the meantime, i think i'll knit on my socken.


Mouse said...

I'm somebody! I'm in the phone book!!
Hooray for new knit books..

Stacey said...

look at how tiny the Cables booklet is???? I have the Street Smart and thought the Cables was the same size!

Lisa said...

Let me know if you make those tall socks with the individual toes!