Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i needed a little mindless knitting

i think i might be ready to connect my cabled yoke ends together ... but deciding that and the next step (picking up the stitches) will take more time than i can dedicate at the moment ... so of course i started something new !

i love a good semi-solid, as such yarns are perfect for lace and textures. this is going to be hedgerow, a simply textured sock with the design running down the back of the heel.

notes to self: susan bates 1's (brushed silver ones)


Anonymous said...

With a sock named 'hedge'row, I bet it will be beautiful when it is done!

jackie said...

i seriously can't imagine the day when i say to myself--i need a little mindless knitting, and then think--i know, a sock! socks != mindless knitting to me.

that yarn's really pretty though.