Friday, July 29, 2005

crocheting as fast as i can

i just finished crocheting with ball 4 of 5 of the ryc cashcotton. i'm still debating over the use of 'ferengi'. it definitely needs something on the ends of the shawl for weight and to define the edges. i have a 6th ball to play with too. so, what to do? be impatient and just do as the pattern dictates, or spend the next eternity pouring over my nikki epstein books on other things to dangle off the ends? i thought i could just go ahead and cut the yarn for the ferengi (from ball #5) and use what's left for the shawl .... or, i could use ball #6 for that. the undecided knitter. i really like this yarn, and it would make a very nice sweater....

as will this! ooooh, YUMMY ribbon twist! i LOVE rowan! i am still up in virginia, and was lucky enough to visit aylin's woolgatherer in fall's church. it seems rude to leave a yarnstore w/o a purchase. it's bad! knaughty! so, mr. crumbles really likes non-american knitting magazines, and liked the photos in the ribbon twist book. and i love the yarn, so, he decided i shouldn't leave the store w/o these things. yippy!!!! the sweater i plan to do calls for 7 balls, so of course i got 8. if i have an extra ball leftover, there's a sweet little hat pattern in the magazine that calls for 1 ball (watch it really need 1+).

here's the sweater from the 'ribbon twist' book. i think the design is called 'jilly' and the color of the yarn is 'racy'. the gauge is 2 sts/inch with size honkin' 17 needles. i don't travel with such large needles, so i can only fondle the yarn at the moment. i do hate knitting with such large needles (they're so akward), uncomfortable. but, i will suffer to wear a pretty RACY RED sweater!

in other creative news, i have zero progress on anything else. i have only dipped into my gianormous knitting tote to dig out another ball of yarn for the shawl, and to find my crochet hook. so, i have not knitted any lace on orangina (and, i do think i am ready to start the ribbing portion of the first piece), i have not knitted any of my sock yarns i brought along (though i have paged through the sock books and magazines), i have not touched my hairpin lace (but i did drop the green crochet hook out of it and found it in the bag), i have not done a lot of things! i am eager to do some sewing --- the two swatches of fabric from a previous entry are crying to be made into dresses, and so is the black and white bug fabric i found at g-street fabrics. i'll post pictures (of course) when they're finished. so, that's all for now.

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pinky said...

You are so adorable! I hope you are having fun far away but remember that you need to come back!