Sunday, July 24, 2005


let's see how this works. this is something i would not normally do --- knit with a novelty yarn. but, this yarn is called "party"! it's softish, with a nice sheen, and the scarf has a very girly/rockstar appeal, with the big loops.

seems flickr doesn't let me post more than one picture at a time if i use the "blog this" feature. so, here's the pink one!

see how shiney and pretty?!

this next finished object is not my own, but pinky's

she knitted this lovely sweater with lamb's pride 'cotton fine' from a past issue of interweave knits (?) (i think). it involves a knitted body with a crochet yoke. i LOVE it! big cheers for agent scarlett! see the red yarn she's caressing? she has this thing for red.

oh, and i knitted a wool bag for felting. i've used this pattern before, but with cascade 220. this is such a pretty color, and this time it's lamb's pride worsted wt. in the color 'kiwi'. i know the lamb's pride will come out with more fuzz, due to the mohair content, so i might end up trimming or shaving the finished product. the pattern is by 'the two old bags' and it's the city shoulder bag. it's the perfect size/shape for toting a project and magazines.

kiwi bag kiwi i-cord

and lastly, this is the progress i've made on my vine lace for orangina. i'm the hypocritical knitter. i spend lots of time telling other knitters that they need peace and quiet while knitting lace, as to not make mistakes .... i knit this lace infront of the television, riding shotgun in the car, carrying on conversations, etc .... and i would be much further along if i'd take my own advice! i do get a lot of knitting done while on the road, but then i spend a lot of time "fixing" it later. i'm slow to realize that i need to pick mindless projects for travel.

and, i've been BAD. real baddddd. i'm not allowed to buy any more yarn until i go to vermont at the end of september. (yeah, right!)

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pinky said...

somebody restrain that scarlet girl before she buys more red yarn!!